Monoprinting Workshops

Landscape Printmaker Oliver West offers a choice of three versatile mono-printing processes. Suitable for any age group as it can be offered as simply or elaborately as desired. Mono-printing is great for image making directly in the landscape , but can also be easily adapted to work in a standard classroom type set up.

You choose

Whether you are bringing your group to Cornwall or to somewhere else in the UK/Europe, the mobile studio brings the printing studio to your chosen location.

Something Unique

These workshops are always fun, as this easy process quickly takes the activity of mark-making to another level. There is the element of surprise as the image is only revealed once the maker decides that it’s ready to print and peel! Making each print totally unique.

Landscape painter printmaker

Oliver West has been offering mono-printing workshops since 1995, both. directly in the landscape & indoors.

Making prints in situ

With the use of the mobile workshop facilities, we will be working directly in the countryside preparing, making and printing images without leaving the chosen location.

If you are heading to West Penwith, Oliver already has a list of gem locations to suggest. If need be we can make sure that the workshop can be located a walking distance from your group’s accommodation. Equally you may already have somewhere in mind. If you are however interested in requesting a workshop in your part of the world , the mobile print studio will travel ! So do get in touch !

Oliver is used to hosting large groups in all kinds of weather conditions. Oftentimes the added influence of changeable weather conditions only adds to a more dynamic set of prints made. It doesn’t seem to dampen the students enthusiasm for the printmaking process.

Workshop flow

This workshop can also work very well alongside or after a drawing activity. The process naturally contains and frames the details added within the allotted space, making them great to display.

There are various tried and tested options for structuring a successful workshop day with a group of young people in tow.Two of these workshops can be offered in a day, giving an opportunity for even large groups to split into two groups to have a go! (minimum group size 18 - maximum group size per workshop 30 per workshop)
Other options for the structure might also come into play if your group is made up of smaller separate groups.
For example : If you’d like to make a day of it and experience two different types of mono-printing, the workshops can be offered back to back.
Bottom line, the structure of day is very adaptable, so suggest away!Re materials : all materials can be provided or you may choose to bring part of the required list yourself.

For costs : a full group or price per printmaker quote can be arranged.

To book & for more information please contact
[email protected] or call +44 (0)7773521820 or use the form.

Studio home

Small groups can be based at Oliver’s studio home. There are beautiful vistas across Mounts Bay to St. Michaels Mount and beyond.The footpath to the beach is moments away, so there are always great views to choose from.

Examples of Oliver’s Prints

Afternoons light- drypoint monotype

Diffused Light Over Mounts Bay - white ground etching by Oliver West

Sunlight and Haze - mixed media etching by OliverWest